Yoyofactory yoyos for cheap

(Owen) #1

I have a yoyofactory aviator 2 and edge that I will sell only as a package for $80 shipped. Aviator 2 is either mint or in impeccable condition (also smooth), and the edge is nonmint and has a light vibe (vibe is common for bimetal yoyos and can be tuned out by adjusting the position of the rings.)

Dm me an email to which I can send pics if you are interested.

(Owen) #3


sure of what you are writing?
I would be curious to know how you can do this …

(Owen) #6

all you do is push the rings or lightly tap them into the yoyo with a rubber mallet or so until the vibe is one. since i play 5a i drop yoyos and have to do this often. it works.


(Owen) #7

boom $85 cheap af wow such deal

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