YoyoFactory - Shutter - Red/Black Acid [Store Edition]


Which side should I display in my case.  Vote left or right in the poll above, or comment your vote.

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8718/16526272813_dde4f73b18_z.jpgShutter by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Shutter available in the store here:

({RTD} alecto) #2

this is a really hard choice since they are so close…


Definitely super close. I let the engravings on the left get the edge.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Left. I like the shutter logo


Wow, that looks nice. The logo on the left looks better.




Chose left on this one since there is a bit more empty red space to break up the field of black dots