YoYoFactory ICON Collection!


YoYoFactory created the Icon Collection to pay tribute to the yo-yos that they built their brand around and really made their company what it is today.

This collection features a range of YoYoFactory’s most iconic yo-yos, both old and new, in signature Icon packaging that shows the evolution of the YoYoFactory brand and image. They chose the ONE, Fast 201, New Velocity, Loop 1080, Protostar, and the legendary G5!

The 6 featured yo-yos in the Icon Collection come in a very cool new teal color and are limited to 1,000 pieces or less worldwide, so they won’t last long!

Pick up the entire collection with all 6 Icon Collection Yo-Yos and save over $30!


Individual Yo-Yos Available Here:


FAST 201:


LOOP 1080:




I wish YYF would stop it with all these collections and start making new yoyos…


What’s wrong with special editions?


Hey they have some coming. Patience.


They should make an Icon '07 888


Yes, I want more 888s.

(Amplified) #7

You could always buy something else…

They’ve already released the new CZM8, TooHot, Aviator, Hubstack Afterglow, and a Northstar.

Not to mention they’re working on the Cyborg, Detour, and an improved Genesis. Maybe it would help if you were paying attention to what they’re doing.

      I like a G5 ;)


Genesis SS is already out.