YoYoExpert Presents PAUL KERBEL featuring HORIZON!

Paul Kerbel spent some time with us a few months back and we were lucky enough to not only shoot this awesome video but some really GREAT tutorials (and quite an array of tricks!)  We will be sharing two per week through November/December and will be starting a fun little contest too (trying to encourage people to learn something new!)

For now - check out this clip of Paul - his tricks are really quite  mesmerizing.    8)


While I may not be the biggest fan of the Horizon, I sure am a big fan of Paul! Whata slayer!!

YES!!! This is something I had asked about on the site improvement board. Hope there will be more stuff like this to come.

I’m a huge fan of both Paul and the Horizon!

Outstanding…Andre’ say…no…more!

Awesome ! I was wondering about more tutorials. Will you be doing any more Andre ? Maybe updating the advanced and master tricks sections or adding new ones ?

When will these come out?

Is it a green triangle if I’m using orange string?

Just adding some final touches, should be very soon!

Are these online somewhere? Probably too hard anyway :stuck_out_tongue: