YoYoExpert Presents Code 2 Nautilus by One Drop YoYos

YoYoExpert and One Drop YoYos Presents Code 2 Nautilus featuring Daniel Dietz:

Looks awesome well they be in stock here soon?

Great video, great yoyo :smiley:

I still want one of these!! Ever since a friend showed me one via video a while back, I knew I had to get my hand on one of my own!

I’m hoarding cash for CalStates to spend on yoyos. Whatever is left will be spent at the location or lcations that have the yoyos I’m looking for!

I am really loving my Code2 Nautilus…

onedrop 2012-03-01 019 by miketheturtle, on Flickr

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Please tell me that someone retrieved that Code 2 from the lake after filming, if not that makes me sad :frowning:

Was this made during our first real winter storm?



Haha. We would never leave such a good Yo-Yo to live the rest of its life at the bottom of a lake. :wink:

When will you be selling that yoyoexpert sweatshirt?

Happy Throwing! =]

Andre and Dan make a great pairing as far as player and video maker. Daniels technical skills really now shine that he is being featured in videos and Andre, your editing and film taking abilities have improved.

I hope to expect even better videos in the future!


Loved the video! Awesome job, guys!

I’ll trade you my Code 2 that I haven’t even opened yet. It’s half blue and half green. What do you have for trade?!? ;D

Really well done video! Daniel is a beast.