yoyo2442's HUGE want list

If you have any of theese, please PM me!
The more stars= more want

Yoyojam Cerberus, Diamond Back*********, PHENOM
yoyofactory H.O.T******, Proton*****
CLYW Avalanche (comeback or older ones), chief*, cliff, puffin, canvas**, SUMMIT*****
OneDrop Burnside, SUMMIT*****
General-yo Majesty********, Model10****************
Recrev Octave1 ( octave1 only!!!)***********************************
TurningPoint Positron************
eternalthrow Victory***********

I dont mind if you offer a bootleg of anything, just tell me if it is

Well what do you have? Money or yoyos? If you’re planning to trade, can you please list the yoyos you have?

Both just gimme a PM

Green eggs and bump