Yoyo Tutorial: Bacn

Check this new tutorial out!!! You can see all the steps this time!! Sry about that last vid, it wasn’t a very good tut. Anyways, I hope you guys are able to learn the trick and enjoy it as much as I do!!! I’ll be remaking the Wrisky Repeater soon and that will be on my channel!!! Comments very appreciated!!! Enjoy!!!

Check this tut out too!!!

ye BACN is fine i knew all the steps be4 but never used them in that order kinda fun gj, got a problem with that first roll in wrisky trick, head cam would be gr8

learned, easy but impressive when done smoothly! Awesome and yeah that other tutorial was kind of hard to grasp the elements, but anyways thanks!

Yeah I’ll see if I can get a better view for Wrisky Repeater.