Yoyo Threading?

Do you guys have any idea on how to thread a screw onto a yoyo? I already have a design ready but the only part that’s really messing with me is the screw. Please help if possible

Depends on the material. Most plastic ones have a screw with locknut and metal ones are drilled and tapped.

I’m asking about the metal ones

A little more info may be needed. Are you referring to the physical action of threading a yoyo? Or adding threads to the hole on a CAD file? For the first, there are a couple ways of doing so. One is drilling a hole then using something called a “tap”, which is basically a screw that’s designed to cut threads. Another way is using a lathe bit, usually a boring bar, to cut threading into the yoyo. The first method of using a tap is easier and more widely done, the second can create cleaner threading but is much more difficult. For a CAD file, I’m not really sure how as I don’t have much experience, but usually you can let the machinist know the size of the axle you want and depth and they’ll do it for you.

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