Yoyo String

Why doesn’t yoyo string untwist it self?

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How would it? It’s wrapped around the yoyo and your finger. There’s no way for it to untwist unless you do it.

I ment even if its not on your finger or yoyo.

Oh. Haha.

To make string, you have several really long strands of thread together and then you twist them all together and make them really tight. This is how the twist for the string itself is made; it isn’t made by wrapping one string around itself. :wink:

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String is sort of like miniature rope. Rope doesn’t unravel easily because all the strands twist against other strands. That isn’t to say string won’t unravel itself given enough time, just that it would take a long while.

Yoyo string wraps around itself so the twist is balanced.