yoyo keeps coming loose

Hey guys,

I have had a few traumatic experiences with my CLYW Avalanche where right after a throw you hear a low whirring meaning that the yoyo has become unscrewed… followed by the yoyo skittering across the floor thankfully I have been blessed enough to not have any major marks put on the yoyo only one tiny ano break… but alas I would be pleased if I could ensure this would never happen again. as my poor heart almost dies a little every time it happens.

The axel is spins very freely and I believe that stopping this would solve my problem. I have heard of two solutions 1. blue lock tight 2. Teflon tape. Just wondering if these are wise or if one is better than the other or if there is a solution I do not know about?


I had a campfire that did this and the axel threads were flattened (my guess was pliers). Check this first as it is an easy, cheap, and very non permanent fix.

Teflon tape is a great way to fix it. It’s easily reversible too.