Yoyo in Alabama?

1st post in the forum. Been throwing for a few months and wanted to see if there are any throwers in Alabama?

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Welcome to the forums!! I am in Cali though.

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Yaa in da Gump

There are a few. I live in Bham. Lamonte that owns amplified return tops lives/lived in Montgomery. Where in Alabama are you?

There’s a guy named james pendall in alabama. I don’t think he’s on the yye forums but he is on fb

I’m in Tuscaloosa. Sometimes huntsville

I am in madison if you want to met sometime let me know

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I’m in Birmingham al as well

I’m in Birmingham al

I’m from Oxford, AL. I’ve been throwing since 2010 and I could never find anyone near me that yoyo’d back then.

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I’m in oxford pretty often. We should throw together sometime