YoYo Identification Help Please!

I’m hoping some people in the group might be able to help me out again real quick. I grabbed a couple more throws from a bundle auction and one from the BST that I liked the look of, and have been able to identify a good amount, but there are some I still need a little help with if possible!

I just like to keep a list of what I have, so they are sticking out at the moment as unidentified, haha!
Thank you for any support you can offer!

Throw 1

54mm D x 43mm W x 4.3mm Gap

Looks very similar to the Throw Cafe Cappuccino and Espresso but there are some slight differences between each.

Throw 4

54mm D x 46mm W x 4.3mm Gap

Very unique catch zone, great for mindless string tricks, haha


(Solved!) Throw 2

This one is throwing me for a loop entirely, has a concave “spike” on it

(Solved!) Throw 3

Double Rim with a Matador spike, very stable and fun

(Solved!) Throw 5

Has a distinct logo but I’m not familiar and couldn’t find anything in my searches. Very wide and plays great though!

(Solved!) Bonus Round

Came with one of the auction grabs, pretty sure this was someone’s snackrifice/loaner while playing. Very vibey and the center hub/cap is actually like a very flexible sticker cover or something.

The last plastic one is the OG Speedaholic from C3 with no rim sticker

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Awesome, thank you!!! I’ve never seen one without the markings on the rims, cool!


#2=Monkeyfinger Gelada 2?


Nailed it! Look, specs, and weight all line up, awesome, thank you!

Lil’ Bumpskies!

#3 is a Radical Seas Selkie, I don’t think they ever made it past the prototype phase.


That’s killer, thank you so much! :slight_smile:
That’s a shame too, super fun throw for certain.

Throw #5 is a RCS x Throws 'N Brews Metalhead

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Sweet, thank you! I read about that previously when looking at the Guitarist but had never seen it before, greatly appreciate the help!!!

Bumpa-Lumpa (added specs as well for the hanger-ons) :slight_smile: