yoyo drama…

Why…? It’s just a toy…?
public apologies…sponsored players….manufactures….online stores…alas even popdada is guilty of some yoyo drama…
From the petty bickering of I hate this company and this player …. to the endless debate on judging…dear lord… not the judging again….
Pour quoi…?
Man children and teenagers…A small community… rugged individualism … suppress urges…?
It is just a toy…
This is not the first plea…to harking to the words of Rodney King….and I’m sure it won’t be the last…on some forum…somewhere in the cyber space of the yoyo world…
But…can’t we all just get along…?
I do not think yoyo drama is more prevalent on this site than others…in fact it’s a little less….one of the reason I’m here now…but it seems too existed no matter where one goes….
The drama of the yoyo….I grow weary of it….

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Human Nature.

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But I thought you WANTED DRAMAAAA!!!

The only drama I want to deal with in regards to yoyo is that my arm hurts so much due to previous injuries that I absolutely MUST rest it for a while. So, even though I’m new and was making good progress, I have to give it up for a couple of weeks in order to avoid a larger injury that could affect my gig as a sound engineer in a couple of weeks.

Then after that, I’m back into it. Who knows, maybe the time off might end up helping my throw. Who knows, stranger stuff has happened!

Yo-yo: If you like it, then good for you. If you don’t like it, then good for you too. Make a choice, stick with it and don’t impose it upon others.

I enjoy yoyo. I don’t give a crap what others think about it. I’m having fun with it.

I thought we were here to have a good time with this. I noticed there are ignore features in this forum. I suggest some of us use it.

Go to most any discussion board for a variety of subjects - cars, boats, canoes, camping…
It’s all the same format, drama and mostly the same type of players . :wink:

Durfee brings the drama.

Ohhaithar jhb!

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Hi Durf - long time no see…


No matter what people are talking about-even just a toy- eventually there’s going to be drama.


drama aint rarity round here is it?

A Yo Yo might only be a toy, but people are the other half of the equation!

Meh, yoyo drama…

In order to get rid of the yoyo drama, you’d have to get rid of the yoyoers.

We are human after all…

EDIT: Except Jayyo

dude, chill out, it’s just a toy :smiley:

the rest is as said above, human nature

the yoyo community is doing great overall, better than any other community I’m a part of.

This is in fact very very true. I joined a My Little Pony forum a while back to trade with collectors to get MLP for my daughter. You can really get some great deals if you don’t mind ponies that are a few years old (but still MIP) The Drama on that forum was hilarious and exactly like what we deal with here on a day to day basis.

we all live in our own little world… but it’s OK…they know us here…

yea, people like to get all serious about pointless stuff, it makes them feel “mature” and whatnot

human nature

just look at the number of pages difference between a “I hate” thread vs a “I love” thread, pretty much self explanatory
hating is easy, loving is useful

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No need to tell him to chill. He’s stating his opinion and asking for yours. It’s called talking about a subject. You have said a lot of things like what he said on other forums. I’ve read it myself. It’s no biggy. like you call it “human nature”, what he did is just the same. Human nature.

yea the “chill” was sort of a “joke”, not that serious ^^

my bad, I’m having one of those weeks

What you see as “drama” I see “entertainment.”

Drama for some= Entertainment for others.