Yoyo distortion?

Look at these two pictures. Both of the same 888x, but one seems much fatter and wider…

pictures can do that. Nothing is different about them. I’ve taken pics of my muffin top and noticed it looks about an inch wider than it really is.

It depends how close the camera is. If you back the camera further off and then crop the picture, you’ll get a more accurate representation of the shape of the yoyo than if you make it as big as possible in the raw image the camera takes. You can see the exact same effect if you close one eye and move a yoyo closer and further away from your open eye. It’s just the effect of perspective on a curved three-dimensional object.

Side note: this is also a consideration in moviemaking when selecting camera angles. For instance, if you watch The Incredibles with the commentary, it’s mentioned in the first office scene that they backed the cameras further away than normal and then zoomed in, so the natural levels of distortion are drained from the scene and everything looks flatter and duller, the idea being that it contributes to a more detached, depressing atmosphere.

its closer in one picture

you’re either really smart or a good writer in sci-fi

i own an 888x so i don’t see a difference other than angle

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