Yoyo contests near South Carolina


Are there any yoyo contests near South Carolina?


Where do you live in SC? I live in Gaffney, and I don’t know if that’s close at all…

There’s another thread called: Upstate South Carolina Throwers That may be a bit more informational. It would be cool if we could start a club somehow.


I’m in Chester County. I don’t know if it’s considered upstate, though.

(Cross Tolliver) #4

Hey! I’m from Charleston. The closest contests are pretty far away haha. I’ve been to the Georgia States yoyo contest, and the South East Classic also located in Georgia. There are also some in florida. We definitely need more! You hear this contest coordinators?!? I know you’re reading this!


If any in the future are near here I would love to enter for the 4A division.