Yoyo clubs near Sarasota Florida?

Hey guys I’m going on a trip to Florida to see family in Sarasota I wanted to know if there’s any yoyo clubs near there or stores that sell yoyos? Thanks in advance dudes!

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Also anywhere near universal would work too

Not really much of a yoyo club down in sarasota only 2 other guys besides me that i know of. the only store that sells yoyos is a Hobby store in SRQ (sarasota regency square) mall and still the best thing you could get there is like a duncan butterfly XT. so not much here.

Im assuming Universal studios? I know they have a orlando yoyo club that meets monday afternoon at the duncan cart in downtown disney, and you can pick up almost any throw by duncan there.

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Thanks so much man I appreciate it! 8)

Bumping this only because I was going to make a similar thread. Im in sarasota. So if anyone else is nearby or know of current clubs I would be interested in knowing of them.

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