Yoyo bloopers


Thought it would be cool to have a blooper thread. So post them here! Mune has a bunch!! http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%2F#/watch?v=qpSZ2U43iVs

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lol i love how when in the middle of the vid the cat is just like “WOAH PRETTY” and you just like throw it off hahaha! good idea for a thread!


Yeah shes a little heathen. Haha right just flipped her away

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Whats the cats name?


Her name is landshark

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Interesting name and boy does she have some big blue eyes


Haha yeah shes a little punk

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0:29 - OMG Adorable kitty.

0:35 - Kitty gets a flying lesson.


  <sup>Both the cat and the yoyo.</sup> <sub></sub> LoL  :D


Haha thanks bro

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Figured this would be a good bump!http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%2F#/watch?v=qVp90clKZ30

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Kitty again! And then she flies yes!