Yoyo Appraisal Thread


Unopened rustoleum orca?


Horizon with 2 or three little pin pricks and has box…


Any of you long time throwers have a guess on what a c22 would fetch with the box and goodies?


25$ I’d say


Decently vibey TS Capricorn with a few tiny pinpricks on the rims? It’s half blue/half red if that helps at all.


The estimate would be a lot closer with the condition revealed! If it’s mint, it could bring anywhere from $400 up to retail. The two that I have owned were both mint condition and each sold for retail.


Near mint, just a few marks on the titanium rims. They’re retained value I see…


Price check on a Mint Mary 09. Green and blue halves.
Also price check on Mint purple/black lioplurodeon …first run a I believe.

Thanks in advance!


Is a mint original Anti-Yo Bapezilla worth the same a Bapezilla 2? About $70-80?


I’d value an original mint bapezilla at easily double. I’d put it at around $200.




I would appreciate quotes for:

Brown Markmont Classic, one small scratched area, smooth, with original box and brass side effects
One-off Cyborg (Pink w/ Blue/Yellow Splash), couple tiny flatspots (nothing breaks ano), slightest vibe
Grey Yeti, latest run, mib


raw anglam tiss mint smooth what would be the resale vaule on them


CLYW Campfire GooseBay colorway.
9.5/10 1 tiny nick.


Any estimates on a first run red Freehand MG? It’s completely mint with the box and goodies.


I’m curious about my:

Kyo senza nome - mint
CLYW BVM (round 1) - few pin pricks and 2 little scuffs
Audley L3 - mint
Dif-e-yo XS Bone Chip- few scratches
Buzz On Element X- few scratches and dings


That bvm isn’t quite first run, I believe it’s like technically third. They play differently than the first runs. Prolly like 130 or 140 due to it being two different halves.

Kyo senza prolly like 60.

Not sure on the l3 cause people were pumped about those when they came out. Safe bet 50?

Bone chip probably like 40-60.


Oh great, yeah I couldn’t tell what run it was from, but I know the BVM Round 2 is a different shape. Definitely impressed with all of them. ;D

(LJ) #2479

I hate to be a Debbie downer but some of those appraisals seem a little high. The BvM isn’t mint and it’s from two different colorways, Wolverine and another one which name slips my mind. It looked fairly damaged in the ebay pic. I’d say no more than ~$60.00 for it.

An Auldey L3 just sold on ebay for $16.50 shipped.

The Bone Chip would probably be closer to the $40.00 mark than the $60.00.

I’ve never seen a Senza Nome sell second hand so no idea on that one.


Not a debbie downer to me, rather be corrected.
Probably shouldn’t have been so confident in my prices, tend to forget things have changed quite a bit in 5 years lol.

Didn’t think the bvm would be worth so little, pretty excited that the earlier ones aren’t crazy money.