PROJECT2s are in stock at



they have the colors of



purple?.. i think…

well better go check hurry!! :]
they might not last long…

They also have them here. :wink:

I just discovered a few days ago and it has EVERYTHING in stock because it’s not that big I guess. They even have Grind Machine 2s. (Metal Grind Machines!!!)

And they will also restock at One Drop’s store on Monday (you can choose halves here guys).

Do they have Mutant DNAs in stock? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope that’s pretty much the only thing they don’t have!

Splash 888s, lol.

28 Stories Peak


They’re talking about things that they actually sell.

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Yay. :smiley:
I want a project 2…

So do most Yo-Yoers. (Including Me)

Yup. I wish i didn’t spend all my money on Nikes. >_<


Yup. I wish i didn’t spend all my money on Nikes yo-yos.


Nice. I have the same problem. Nikes and yoyos.

I got the 6th P2 ever sold ;D