Yomega Raider (Hells Angels Graphic)

I recently stumbled onto the fact that the Yomega Raider with the Hells Angels logo will be a short run and are indeed not available to many. My local TRU has them in Black, Orange and Red. I am willing to pick up a pair (or one) of them up and ship them to someone who wants for a reasonable trade. I am new to the community and am willing for you to await the arrival of my shipment before you ship yours so you know I am good. I do not have any real desires for what I would want in return just want to help someone out and experience a new throw. My collection consists of a Yomega Raider and Maverick, Protostar, DMII, DV888 and a Duncan FH Zero.

Just to further explain why this may be of interest…

Yomega basically (and arguably) used a graphic on the yoyo that is trademarked by the Biker Gang, Hells Angels - their skull-wing logo.  They have ceased selling them but some stores still have a few in stock.  I now have three in hand, in retail packaging; orange, black and red.

You can read about it here:  http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=12123

How many are available and how much are they retail