Yo'ing to the beat?

I have seen videos and people say they yoyo to the beat of their music

I dont get it?

They are timing their performances so things happen on tempo and to the music, hitting certain tricks for emphasis at certain sections. Rather than the music just be a disassociated bed of audio, it’s actually driving the performance.

I prefer silence! For now, anything to music is a waste of time and effort, at least in regards to how I work.

I don’t quite understand what you’re confused about.

Are you asking me if you don’t get it?

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watch Jensen Kimmitt Videos, or his worlds performances, he throws to the beat, timing, and hitting string tricks.


ps I miss him…

if you go to around 30 seconds in and watch from there, that’s the best example of yoyoing to the beat I can think of.
plus it was an awesome freestyle.

Most of it was “to the beat”. It was a well done freestyle no matter how you look at it though.

yeah, it was a great performance.
I liked the freestyle he did in the first prelims a little better. it was basically the same, but he also had a part where he took a knee and did some horizontal between his legs.
I was just referring to the part at around 30 seconds because that’s that most clear cut yoyoing to the beat I could think of. hitting a string on each note.

Have you seen his freestyle from this year at… I don’t actually know what contest it was? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdNuCmIvwvI&feature=related

Gentry does it really well here

i kinda get what he’s sayin’…though it may be noticeable to some (i.e. yoyo players) - that kimmit is yo yoin’ to the ‘beat’. to the greater viewin’ audience, it’s disconcernable - imho.

unless your like ben conde, but very few have his swagger :slight_smile:



Watch every freestyle Hiroyuki Suzuki [Mickey] has done. I suggest watching the 2010 Japan Nationals freestyle. You’re welcome.

one of my favorite was Jensen’s 2011 performance, EVERY SINGLE move is right on the spot, it blew my mind. and I’m VERY FAR from being a Jensen fan, one of the best performances I’ve seen ever.