Yo-Yo Point Of View - Day at the Park

Yesterday was a functional test.  This is my first real Point of View video.

Such an awesome idea.Id have never thought to do that ;D

Great idea! But whoa…vertigo

This makes us all happy that we are the yoyo players, not the yoyo… :slight_smile: whew

So did you test this with several yoyos or did you just pick the G5 because it’s stable?

That was awesome! But it made my brain hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that it was just silly editing until the end of the video. I was thinking “what in the world is on his yoyo?” then I realized what exactly was going on… My mind subsequently exploded, imploded, turned to mush, and dripped out my nose a little.

You just attached it to the stack and had it hanging? Very nice.