Yo-Yo on my College Campus w/ YYF 888

I would say that this is my first legit yo-yo movie/presentation and I thought I should share since pretty much everything I know I learned from YoYoExpert. This is located at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Its a beautiful fall day and the trees are very colorful.

Check it out and Enjoy.


nice, man, how long have you been yoyoing for? I noticed you repeated a lot of the moves, but the moves that you were doing you had down NICE. good job, and btw I love your yoyo, wish I hadn’t traded mine.

Super awesome video man! You’re cheating on your boingy’s but who am I to say otherwise! Beautiful campus!

You’re the kind of person who makes the simple amazing! Very awesome, but I’d work on getting your arm grinds down. VERY awesome! ;D

@ThRoW-b0t : ive been yo-yoing less than a year and right now, especially in this video, I was more into doing less technical tricks and just getting a smooth motion going. oh and the 888 is real sweet.

@JM : Thanks man, and for the boing-e-boing am I cheating by moving my hand back and forth instead of up and down?

@YoyoBob : Thats what its all about right! ;D Thanks.

Yup. Like I said, it’s not my place to tell you how to do your tricks, but at a ladder competition it wouldn’t fly.

Why must you grind your 888 on a metal rail? Lol.

But, seriously, a very nice vid with smooth tricks and great video quality!

Keep it up!


@JUMP : Yah, Everybody around campus always wants me to walk the dog, rock the baby, and do around the world. People way more impressed by simple things like grinding down a rail than technical tricks. I can’t blame 'em they’re not savvy yoJammers like us. =D

A tad repetitive, but since you have little experience, it’s excusable. I really enjoyed how smoothly you did most of the tricks. It showed good fluidity.

New Episode.  Check it out.

great vids man keep it up, i wish our campus looked like that

OMG. I died a little inside when i saw you grind your 888 on the rail :o

Me too. Poor 888. :’(

Funny thing about the grinding the 888… I dont even like doing it that much but everybody here thinks its like the coolest trick. I think when it comes to grinding on a metal rail ill stick to using my Dark Magic.