Yo-Yo Music Video - "High Tide Rising"

Hey there!

I used to yo-yo quite a bit back when I was a wee lad. Anyways, now I’m all growed up and in a band called Fox. We just recorded a music video for one of my songs called “High Tide Rising”. It has me doing some yo-yo tricks in it, so I figured you guys might appreciate it.

The yo-yo is a purple Classic Viper with a green shell from another one that I had. It’s from the old 2000 run, though I like the way it feels more than the newer ones. I’ve tried a bunch of newer yo-yo’s but I just love the feel of this one too much.

Anyways, here’s the video.


Great music video! I like the beat and the emotion you put into it. I have also checked and listened to your 2nd EP, I like track 6 very much.

We finally know what the fox says