guys this my teaser vid before our Philippine National Yoyo Contest 2008,hope you like it…i’m just practicing haha  ;D you can add comments.



Wow! Faaaast!
Good luck with the contest


Well, if you use that pink yoyo, you’ll have a much greater chance of winning. US Nationals has been won 3 times with pink DMs alone.


Nice tricks. What yoyo are you using? ???


Thanks guys!i used YYJ Speed Maker Pink…hmmm…do you think is it good enough for the nationals level?


If it plays like you want it, then why wouldn’t it be good enough? I think that routine is great, good luck!.


got some skill man!

(DrSqueakers) #8

you’re really good but you were a little repetive try to mix up you’re tricks.



(Connor) #10

I agree, mix it up some. other than that your great!


Thanks for the comment guys!i’ll be posting my new vid soon…im still working o on my new tricks