Yeti or high end metal

should I save some money and get a yeti when they come or use all of it?

go for a metal unless you 1000% want a yeti… its not that impressive, a lot of hype for your average high end plastic. Never really understood the hype around it (well its CLYW so that explains it :D).

Takes a certain type of thrower to appreciate a Yeti; every time you throw that guy you gotta give it flow and relax to truly appreciate it.

That’s just my wild point of view about it. I really enjoy throwing mine just before twilight when the neon yellow string glows.

A yoyo needs to be understood, not judged.

I’d say get a OD Downbeat for the best of both worlds!

A high end metal all the way. Now if the choice were between a mid-price metal and a Yeti or an expensive metal, I might answer differently.

I was thinking of spending on like a slasher or something but then i would have no money left

Trade for a yeti when it comes out using your yoyos

If you like the look of the Yeti and want to try it out go for it I really enjoy the Yeti. But if you got your sites on a different throw go for that one

Buy other yoyos, not a Yeti. That leaves more for the rest of us! ;D

I’d like to know what people mean when they say ‘high end metal.’ Do you mean a yoyo that really performs that is metal, or do you simply mean paying a lot for a metal yoyo?

Well Glen (if i may call you that :wink: ) generally speaking a so called "high end metal yoyo"means a metal yoyo who has top of the notch quality ( finishing, design, paint, materials, etcetcetc) and performs as well as a metal yoyo can perform (simply put the best you can get from a yoyo). That said normally they tend to be from 100-160$ (there are highness for lower price of course im just pointing out very very high ends xD ;D) .
A high end in other words is simply the best you can get from a metal yoyo not caring much about the price rating and normally have the best quality and playability overall you can’t get much better than that.
Example of companies who only make high end yoyo (so as they say or at least they feel like high end for me):
One Drop (rally=high end plastic)
CLYW ( yeti= high end plastic)
Most japanese companies

High end metal yoyo:
Proton yyf
Hot yyf
Irony werrd
Avalanche form clyw
Seven Summit (clyw and one drop)
So many more…

I wish i helped :smiley: any doubts just ask mate o//