Define 'high end metal'

I’d like to know what people mean when they say ‘high end metal.’ Do you mean a yoyo that performs very well that is metal, or do you simply mean paying a lot for a metal yoyo ?

They (generally speaking) go hand in hand. When I think of a high end yoyo, I think expensive. But usually an expensive throw will also play very well.

I agree that an expensive yoyo will play well. But I don’t think cost and performance always go hand in hand.

I think you may have answered your own question then.

The term “High end” implies one of the best items in its category. Price likely irrelevant.

Actually, you just answered the question. Thanks!

Well… not necessarily… that’s just my opinion.

My father was a firm believer that the more expensive ketchup was the better ketchup. I thought the same thing for a long time until I tried generic ketchup.


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Well Glen (if i may call you that :wink: ) generally speaking a so called "high end metal yoyo"means a metal yoyo who has top of the notch quality ( finishing, design, paint, materials, etcetcetc) and performs as well as a metal yoyo can perform (simply put the best you can get from a yoyo). That said normally they tend to be from 100-160$ (there are highness for lower price of course im just pointing out very very high ends xD ;D) .
A high end in other words is simply the best you can get from a metal yoyo not caring much about the price rating and normally have the best quality and playability overall you can’t get much better than that.
Example of companies who only make high end yoyo (so as they say or at least they feel like high end for me):
One Drop (rally=high end plastic)
CLYW ( yeti= high end plastic)
Most japanese companies

High end metal yoyo:
Proton yyf
Hot yyf
Irony werrd
Avalanche form clyw
Seven Summit (clyw and one drop)
So many more…

I wish i helped :smiley: any doubts just ask mate o//

A Yoyo on the very top level of your Yoyo display. Most often at the very left or right of the row.

A high… end yoyo.


Best definition I’ve heard so far.

I think “high end metal” means different things to different people, just like a lot of terms used in yo-yo. I always thought of high end in terms of the price. A metal throw that costs about $80 and up, I’d consider it to be a “high end metal.” Over time, I’ve just grown to have a certain figure in my head, so it’s my own subjective standard.

I don’t take that term too seriously though, because there is a low high end, a mid-high end, and a high high end. :-\ Now that budget metals are performing as well as some of the “high end” metals, I don’t think it makes as much difference to me to differentiate them.

@Vegabomb. I have to go with your dad on that one. I’m almost Heinz exclusive, maybe not judging by price, but that “brand name” sure tastes way better. I’m so disappointed when I get packets of ketchup with my takeout and it’s generic. :frowning:

High end means what it says - the “high end” of the price range. It can’t mean the “high end” of the performance range otherwise yoyos like the Shutter would be considered high end and they’re not. Performance is dependent on the player, price isn’t.

since performance is subjective, then I would say its cost.
I know people who’s favorite yoyo is less then 20$
Nobody is going too call that yoyo highend.
Also people wouldn’t ask about high end yoyos if they where considering performance alone. They would specify their preferences.
High end may mean different stuff too different people but When someone says “High end metal” They are talking about expensive throws, they may also like the performance of expensive throws, but they are referencing price in that statement. Or the statement would be totally ambiguous, and useless in the conversation. High end performance, for you is going too be different from the next person and the that persons is going too be different too the next. Because of that just stating high end metal will give you no useful info, I rarely see that term used outside a post looking for recommendations or reviewing a yoyo. both of which could only be referencing price, possibly in a review it could be referencing finish, however that would be poor choice of terms at best.

I would say cost, material, and branding define “high end.”

Newest, most admired, higher in quality, sophistcation and price than most others. See Onedrop :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Heinz ;D