Yay! Ladder Escape!


Smooth it out a bit… or a lot.

I know I suck at it. Afterall, I only learned it yesterday.

Psh. You’re better than me. xD

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never even finished the trick! I gave up after I couldn’t get down the end of Part 2 and all of part 3.

I can’t get the part where you mess with the slack and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha yeah, as you know it wasn’t too smooth, but you still got it down. Nice. I still can’t get through it.

I’m a bit better at it, and I think do it the most over all my tricks. The slack took two hours to get down, the first part was easy. But I had to expiriment with the slack to get it right every time. Now I can get it every time and I’m decently smooth!

Lol Matt thats cuz you suck (Im not a mean person people im messing with him we go to the same school) Your A LEG!!!

Here are a few friendly tips :smiley:

For the parts AFTER the ladder mount and BEFORE the slack feed into the triangle, follow everything the BeverChaku Tutorial way. The Andre tutorial way for doing it is different from how Andre performs it, because he drops some strings. Andre’s show off is doing what Bever does.

For the slack, follow BeverChaku’s way. He has a much better explanation for it.

For the slack feed into a triangle, do it the Andre way. Bever teaches the slack feeding wrongly. Its Andre’s trick.

At 0:08, don’t drop that string. Just pop it onto the segment, without dropping the string. It may be a small segment, just stick your ring and middle finger in there and practice hitting the small triangle. Its very small, just takes practice.

Those are my tips, not trying to sound harsh or anything :-[ Just practice more and follow my instructions ;D

Just feel like telling you how I think of the trick.

  1. Ladder mount. - Follow Andre’s tutorial.
  2. Pop through triangle, hit a segment, hit another segment, hit a trapeze then 3. - Follow Bever’s tutorial.
  3. Slack maneuver onto hand and pop through triangle. - Follow Bever’s tutorial.
  4. Slack to triangle. - Follow Andre’s tutorial.

When you are following Bever’s tutorial, only follow the parts that i told you. Don’t follow the parts that I tell you to do how Andre teaches, He does it “Differently”, and thats not Ladder escape. Andre does everything from 2-3 the same as Bever. But bever does 1 in a different way. He does 4 in a different way, which isn’t ladder escape. Ladder escape was made by Andre, so you do it his way.

P.S. If you saw my video contest video, my last two tricks were using ladder escape. If you do the maneuvers exactly how andre does it, (Part 2 in my breakdown, Bever teaches it exactly) You will be able to spot the ladder escapes.

definatly need t smooth it out watch this this is what taught me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzFQLE0qCVM

Dude nice. I wish I could do stuff like that. XP

Thanks, I think I got it now.

it looked kind of different

let me try

Ok guys, I giot the real Ladder Escape down and am making a video soon. locked.