Y'all like old throws? WTT/LF Nostalgic stuff

The summit has a box! I forgot to add that x.x
Trades im lookin for in order of preference–will add paypal/sweets or will flat out buy these;
-Polished lucha
-palli puffin with the rifling
-small bearing bassalope
-alchemy cu/cu later
-7 summit (any of em)
-delrin crucial throws🥰
-yyf catch22 with the box
-matsuri/ashberry splash throws💜
-pre one drop CLYW😎
-neat side effects throws
-yyn/extreme spin edition freehand zero
-antiyo heart side effects❤️
-anything smallbearing or that strikes that nostalgia factor


Nice stuff. And the delrin luchador was called “lucha libre“… and it’s a defective yo-yo. Playing it risks breaking it.


The light protos were really nice

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I know bout the defect, hence why I’d love to see an intact one!

Bumpin, posted on ebay now for $2 a piece!

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Yuh boy got more stuff

Dm sent

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