Xcube Travel Over The Sea!

First sorry for any mistakes, this is quite a specific voc so hard when you are not from english country i had trouble to write it in english so forgive me ^^ hope you enjoied it…

I publish that to share you my love for that brand and that yoyo; X cube is a brand new yoyo line and it’s a really nice guy (Alex aka Xela) he do stuff that i never saw on this planet, his mind are really crazy but always tottaly organised, and this combo make perfects stuffs like this yoyo

Tribute to my friend from all my yoyo times. http://www.xcube.fr/index.php

Like you dude, wish you the best :wink:

Heyo, i came back from my holls it was in MAYOTTE little isle of Indian Ocean. I took some loads of pics for my friend Xela and to make his yoyo  became the first submarine yoyo, and to let you discover this sport in an other point of view. That’s something strange and weird, like this yoyo :smiley:

Your Favorit Reporter  :ugeek:

I present to X cube and you my friends my pics, and i hope you will enjoy it!

the first loads is from Choungui Mountain, a really beautifull  place that was really hard to cllimb, the last 30 mins, you have to climb the roc like cliff hanger.
this one is not from me, but it was to show you what it looks like from far away.

this is the most perfect shot of all you will see… really clean.


To survive, i had to fight with this monster, Green turttle from Indian Ocean, this isle is really well known for it’s turrtle, it’s a big place for them, because when a turttle birth in a beach, she will come back after 15-20 years to this beach to gave birth to her offspring… that’s how life is going for turrtle, they also like to come here to eat after they make love :wink: they used to be between 300-500 kg fat, big monster, this one is a men you can see it by his tail :wink: really big one but our yoyo isn’t afraid of that :smiley:


after that meet, i had to go away to the sub lands, to meet the lagoon. Those lands are really beautiful, they re so colorfull with so much differents kind of lives in a beautiful Fauna and flora… You have to see that to believe it :D. This is on corals that our friend Streamroller, stopped to take his breath, (heyo swim isn’t so easy for a piece of metal :p) This one is called potato cause of hs particulare shape.


When suddenly, a band of fish just cross behind him, he just go for a hunt immediately to get some nice picks. In his way, he just fall on a really strange creature, Black sea urchin, a common urchin here, long black spikes, blues lines on the body, and able to launch his spike to 1-2mm far to frighten his enemy… But Streamroller isn’t afraid, he is a brave one, he just try to go forward them to show that he was able to it! before to go he just say to me, never be frighten of anything, you have to try and die in hero if you can’t do it! lmao

(nice announce for Xela here those pics and a little “try to throw that” or “are you enought brave to try that (or the difefrence)” !!)


Finally find back fishs

after that hunt, we go again away to go to the falls, a place where you can see the sea bed, and 5cm away, nothing exept 60-2-100-200m of falls… in our way we meet Alex our friend the huge font, a nice sea creature, able to breack some fingers (like the stream) this stuff cand be 5cm -50-60-100cm longer, very huge thing, and our yoyo just go to show he was able to go close to this monster.


We arrived to the falls and the stream just slide on the corals and felt on the falls, he just catch at the last second a coral tree to avoid the end…

After so much emotions, we decide to go back to the sand and out the water, but we meet on the beach way, an othe sea urchine, Red one alone on the water grass and the sand, brave our brand preferred dashes and tames the animal as a final tes to show, that, yes Streamroller is good an outstanding yoyo able of facing any situation and of taking out there!


Action here ! http://www.xcube.fr/index.php

Dude, you have some awesome pictures here. Nice job.

I’ve always wanted to try yoyoing underwater…

Those are amazing!

Oh, and this. :slight_smile:

You cannot even make a sleeper… ^^

u put the yoyo in the water :o

I thought the same thing… :open_mouth: Whaaat aaareee yoouu dooiing its a yooyoo not a underwater toy :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

what did it do to the bearing?? ???