X3 - Seed - Galaxy Edition (Owner: Ciczlow)


These are not my photos. I’m posting on behalf of ciczlow from Instagram. Which side of his X3 Seed Galaxy edition looks better? Vote in the poll above, and/or comment your vote.


Left, the right side splash distribution is too uneven for me. I’m picky concerning splashes ^^


I thought the exact same thing. I prefer an even distribution. Sure is an interesting looking yo-yo…different.


Same here, :stuck_out_tongue:


The funny thing about comparing splashes, is that there are some people who prefer the splash to be even, while other people see more interesting about it being uneven. I think the uneven distribution creates better spinning effects. For case display, I usually prefer it even. When I’m taking spinning photos, the uneven ones yield better shots.



(Erik Kerber ) #7