WTTF PMGv2 or PGMv.5 Green/Black ***Gone***

I have a Beater Auldey Virus, plays fine but looks like crap, I can send pics if you want them. I am looking for a Green/Black PGMv2 or a PGMv.5 preferably with stacks, if it is stackless version I will still take it, just not a stacked version with it’s hubs missing. PM Me or Reply.


I got a green/black PGM not sure what version it is, but it has stacks. Will give more info and pics if needed.

PICS Up, There are a few little burs on it but if you want my wife will scotchbrite them off so there is minimal anno removal, and to be completely honest if you wanted the rims to be like new you could satin the rims and most if not all of the dings will be gone. Again this is a beater.