FT: PGM V.2, Wants inside


I have a blue and yellow PGM V.2 It has.
-Grinding a bit smoother, I sanded down slightly
-Vibes quite a bit, Can be tuned out, because it is the axle
-No Bearing
-Stack Bearings work A+++++
-Spacers are in bad shape, but do not affect play at all
-No dings/ scuffs/ and/or scratches whatsoever.
-Serial number and manufacturing date on weight ring (china)
-Will get pics if requested, but it is what I say it is :smiley:

White synergy caps
LegacyAny color besides pink.
Ele X playa
Any buzz-on for that matter
Any mods.


Offer me up, this is not for sale though. Only trade
Keep all offers through PM please!


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