WTT For: Any A-RTs, Any Condition

From left to right, top to bottom:
Thesis DaCapo (Markmont Ed.)
Iyoyo Pyro X
MK1 Contact
OneDrop Kamuraiju
OneDrop Deep State
Turning Point Acanthus
Atmos Projects Goji
OneDrop Thorn
Luftverk x CLYW Plastic Peak
Yoyorecreation Valkyire (new)
Duncan Freehand AL
Thesis Paladin Prototype
Luftverk Plastic Fulvia
Dressel Designs Emotion
YJYOYO Metal of the Future
Turner Return Tops Buoy
Magicyoyo Skyva
UNPRLD Abduction
Yoyofactory Edge 1.5
Throwback Bimetal Civility

Dm me for pictures and conditions.
Have a great day!

!!! Will trade multiples (very very heavy overpay) !!!

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