WTS: Snow White BvM


Im pretty much only accepting money b/c I owe someone…

Custom painted by me. Automotive paint so it is very durable once cleared (which I will be doing in the next couple days)

$100 shipped.

Or, if youd like, I can throw a Kandy coat on top of the white and make you a custom Kandy BvM. I have ten different Kandy colors I could do if that interests you. It would be an extra $15.

$100 shipped (White)
$115 shipped (Kandy)

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You’re selling it? I know this is not really supposed to be in posted but awww. I’m sorry you have to put this up for grabs.


this suck


Keep your comments to yourself. White yoyos are the best. That’s my opinion, but if you have nothing nice to say, be quiet.

Awesome BvM Cali!

(G5) #5

Awesome BvM Cali!


I would do part cash/ part trade as well.


awww that a beauty!!!

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