WTS ASAP $70 for creep + kendama before 5/27 : heavensent yoyo Creep (final edition) + sweets kendama

WTS these fast to have some fund for my upcoming home trip, i will be leaving the US in 1 more days so i need to have these gone fast. Take both for $70, like you buy Creep and get the sweets ken as a bonus. But i will be leaving on 5/27 so need these gone ASAP. But in case if you wanna buy a single item, the price will be below :
-Sweets Kendama Lab V Series : just throw a couple
times to try it out, just mainly display. Og stickers, extra strings are still there. $30
-Heavensent yoyo Creep : super smooth, just a super
small scuff that is barely noticeable as being showed in the pic. $70
-YYF Northstar Jensen Kimmitt 2010 edition :x:SOLD​:x:

-Please add $5 shipping fee for each item you buy. Will ship out fast. Feel free to ask for more specific pics or any questions that you might have.
-DM me on fb for a faster response : Redirecting...
-Thank y’all :raised_hands:




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Bump really need to have these gone fast :pleading_face: pls help me out guys

Really need these gone fast. DM me for a better price for all this bundle



Bump bump :pleading_face:

Bump. $70 for Creep + Sweets ken. Its a good deal :slight_smile: