WTS Almost New Matte Blue Red Marble Biggie Focus Kendama $47 shipped

Just as the title describes it’s an almost new matte blue red marble biggie focus kendama.

It’s almost new because I got it today and it played with it a bit meaning that it has a few spike marks at the bottom of the tama and the ken is dulled justttttttt a bit but still looks like it can do some damage due to it’s size.

The reason I’m selling this is because, to be honest I had no idea biggie was this much bigger than normal kendamas and I want a kendama to take with me to places.

It also comes with their brand new released Focus Ken. I have no idea what that’s about but here it is.

I got it out of a mystery box and it said it might have imperfections but I don’t see any except this white spot and a bunch of white dots in the bottom of the tama. I looked at a picture of the pink blue matte marble kendama on the Sweets Kendama website and it seemed to have a white splotch onit too so I assume it isn’t a mispaint or whatever.

Actually, they said that the marble kendamas might have a bad color distribution, but I think it looks fine.

In the end, it’s nothing that effects play or can be visibly seen when playing!

That’s about it, if you’re interested feel free to contact me and I’ll set you up quick and easy like.

47 usd shipped

I do paypal and ship to the US but can do other nations.

Here’s some pictures! With some things in it to show it’s biggie-ness