WTB: YYR Gleipnir or Acrophobia

I have been caught in the YYR trend just by looking at pictures and have finally come to the conclusion that I want to try one. The Gleipnir and Acrophobia look like the two that would fit my preferences best.Id like to pick one of these up for cheap (I know that’s going to be both relative and tough to do), considering I haven’t tried a YYR before. Im fine with scuffs, MINOR dings, and MINOR vibe; especially if that will lower the price. The only color I do not want is pink. Please PM me your offers and keep in mind that I’m not looking to spend a fortune.

Good luck on the search. YYR yoyos are limited print and people are going crazy for them. Even for a beat up YYR the price are ridiculously high. xD May the force be with you.