LF: YYR Acrophobia, Gleipnir, and Overdrive

Hi all,
I’m looking to boost the performance of my collection with some YYRs. The main two that I want are:
- Acrophobia
- Gleipnir
Also, If you have ab Overdrive(+2) that you would be willing to get rid of for a ridiculously low price, I’d like that too ;D
I don’t mind aesthetic condition as long as the yoyo isn’t pink or raw. As long as it has that YYR play style, I wan it. I’m not looking to spend a ton of money (as in offers should be less than retail), but then again, who is? Either way, I only have the funds to purchase one of these right now, but I would really like to purchase one. PAYPAL IS A MUST AND SO ARE PICTURES! Thanks for reading.

You JUST missed an insanely good deal that Bud had on all of the YYR’s that you’re looking for…

Sorry bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah BUDS DEAL WAS INSANE!!! It was practically a steal! ::slight_smile:

my friend is selling his leviathan ll for 120, u could probably negotiate even further down…