WTB: YoYo Case/Bag...


Alright I’m looking to buy a new YoYo Case/Bag. I have the Yomega one at the moment, but looking for something a bit better. I prefer easy for everyday carry, nylon bags or similar. I don’t care for the hard shells. I want to be able to fit 12 minimum with some counterweight holes (can’t really fit them in the Yomega case without risking ripping the foam).

Anyone know a seller (don’t care for the Infinite Illusion backpack either) or someone that makes 'em? Or I can make my own if someone can just tell me a place to find a bag that’ll work. One that opens like the Yomega case?

Thanks for any assistance.

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I’m just gonna say you basically ruled out every case there is.



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you can proably find all you need at jo-ann fabrics.


I make them out of leather. I currently have baby blue leather. Pm me with the details of the structure you want.

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http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14877.0.html it’s not a carry case but i thougt i’d give it a go.


Actually did consider getting a a tower or 2 from you. I however keep all the my main throws in my case so have no real reason for the addition of a tower. But all my wife’s throws sit in a drawer, so we may grab one from you sometime soon.

I ended up finding an old post here of someone selling cases, PMed him. Plus I found the Sega Game Gear bag, which will work.

Thanks for you help.



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