WTB: YoYo Case/Bag...

Alright I’m looking to buy a new YoYo Case/Bag. I have the Yomega one at the moment, but looking for something a bit better. I prefer easy for everyday carry, nylon bags or similar. I don’t care for the hard shells. I want to be able to fit 12 minimum with some counterweight holes (can’t really fit them in the Yomega case without risking ripping the foam).

Anyone know a seller (don’t care for the Infinite Illusion backpack either) or someone that makes 'em? Or I can make my own if someone can just tell me a place to find a bag that’ll work. One that opens like the Yomega case?

Thanks for any assistance.

I’m just gonna say you basically ruled out every case there is.


you can proably find all you need at jo-ann fabrics.

I make them out of leather. I currently have baby blue leather. Pm me with the details of the structure you want.

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14877.0.html it’s not a carry case but i thougt i’d give it a go.

Actually did consider getting a a tower or 2 from you. I however keep all the my main throws in my case so have no real reason for the addition of a tower. But all my wife’s throws sit in a drawer, so we may grab one from you sometime soon.

I ended up finding an old post here of someone selling cases, PMed him. Plus I found the Sega Game Gear bag, which will work.

Thanks for you help.