WTB LF wood fixed axles, slimline responsive throws

I need throws… I need throoowwws oh wo oOoOO woahs. In different ma-te-ri-als… Ma-te-ri-als…

EDIT: picked up so many cool throws but I’m looking for more!

Just got my ti vayder, RSO sushi, a deep state, blood cells, retro gamer, gates spectroply, RSO mini bowl aluminum and steel and a bunch of others and my obsession keeps growing. Too many cool yoyos that I missed out on from the 5 year break and still learning about which ones I missed. By all means if you have something I don’t mention, but might fit my parameters let me know!


I’ve been on a 0A kick. Looking for wooden fixed axles or super slim line yoyos on the lighter side.

Spinworthy Blood Cells raw or colored
Spinworthy anything including survivalist
Jon Gates wood anything
Custom new makers wood fixed axles slimline models only!
Mk1 spinworthy red blood cell
One drop deep state with color splashes! Got 2 Deep states. Probably enough for now.

Thanks and let me know!


Still in stock! If you can’t find a ti vayder, I’ll consider letting mine go

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Yeah was seeing if I could get it for at least a little less than retail but … Ill probably end up getting one for retail.

Definitely interested in your vayder if you’re ready to let it go!

I owned an original ti- Walker back when they first released. Back in 2012 I sold it to help raise funds for my wedding. One of the best and worst choices of my life. I have a lovely wife now still but I’m ti-walkerless. Fast forward to now, since I’m yoying again I just heard about the ti vayder and read The whole thread about the release here on yo-yo expert. I’m totally enchanted about the thought of potentially owning one now since the ti-walker is almost impossible to own again. I just loved the way they played and I would assume the vayder is very similar with some modern updates!

Bump. Updated list and still emptying my pocketbook!

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PM Sent

Bump it.

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