WTB CLEAR BOY (ISO - RAW Ulmus & Agonist)

Hello all, looking to buy a Clear CLYW Boy, damage is ok.

still looking to buy a raw Ulmus and Raw Agonist too.

Pics for reference


saved for editing

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These are all killer prices and @suspense is top notch!

Pickup these throws before I have to. Affinity is great


(double) bumping this to highlight the $40 journey, that’s an absolute steal for that price for a killer yoyo.

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Bump. Stuff sold and shipped.

Someone trade me their grasshopper GTX and sell me their beat Rose Gold Collapsar.

How did I miss that life!!!

whoever got that $40 Life is one lucky cat

All throws sold have been shipped. First post updated to reflect what’s left.

Someone trade me their Clear Grasshopper GTX.


Traded the Fulvia and Affinity.

Other stuff is going on the auction site.

Going to go for an endless search for an Ulmus.


I’m in that same search. Ulmus has been on my list since I ordered a quercus. I felt like the laurus was lacking some weight so the ulmus seems like the way to go. Also which version of the agonist are you looking for?

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Yeah, that’s exactly why I want the Ulmus, I want the heavier one. Kinda feels like a lost cause, but I gotta try.

Any of the “new” Agonist or Agonist 1.0 models, I’d like to try either of them, not sure if there’s a lot of big differences between the two.


bump. WTB Clear CLYW Boy, any condition

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