WTB 888's

just as stated
i love 888’s
also i want special edition ones but any will work
pm me with price and condition and some pics if possible

What does bump mean? Anyways, I posted an ad, I have a brand new splash edition, its the one that they have for sale here. I am trying to get pics up, but the only way I can get them is by taking them with my phone and sending them to myspace, but I can’t remember my myspace password or my email password, but I will find a camera here in the next few days and get some pics up. But my 888 is brand new, it has a couple dings but only 1 is noticeable. And none of them happened while It was spinning so they aren’t bad-- it really looks brand new. If you want to give me your phone number I could picture message them to you. I would take cash for it, but I really want to get a dna.

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