Wrist Mount Variations (In & Out)

This is a thread that is dedicated to saying: A, Your favorite trick from the wrist mount, if it is not an extremely popular trick (Probably meaning Andre didn’t make a tutorial for it) post a link of what it looks like, and also if possible, how to do it.
B: Saying your favorite entrance to the wrist mount. (Say how to do it)
C:Your favorite exit from the wrist mount. (Say how to do it)

(Hopefully Everyone posts their responses in a clean format like mine.)

Favorite trick from WM (Wrist Mount): I heart slack:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F2voMB6_Vo
My form of this trick forms a red triangle because I whip the slack BEHIND my hand not in front.

Favorite way to enter WM: “Over Wrist Mount” tutorial found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/074-expert-wrist-mount-over-wrist-variation.html

Favorite way to exit WM: I don’t have a name for it. First, go into a WM and do an underpass on the back string. Second, take your NTH and grab the middle string, this string guides the Yo-Yo. Lastly put the yoyo in between the upside down v on your TH. Do a palm grind and let the yo-yo go through to “v.” This looks incredibly smooth if done right.

Lastly, no comments that say that your opinion is better than some other persons opinion, it isn’t, it’s their opinion. Additionally if someone has already said your favorite things relating to the WM, don’t make a post about it.

Finally, what really butterfly me off is if I write a really elaborate example, and people just reply with one line. I want this thread to be an informational and detailed thread. Not a scrapbook of peoples one lines.

Trick while in a wrist mount(the video shows an alternate way to get into it, but a regular wrist mount works fine)

Going into a wrist mount: Do the first segment of a Houdini mount(the string is wrapped around the thumb) and instead of going over your throwhand pointer finger, make the yo-yo go over your wrist. Then flip the yo-yo over your nonthrowhand pointer and land it on the string in middle of the loop formed by the thumb and wrist. Basically it’s a regular wrist mount except the first wrap is on the thumb.

Out of a wrist mount: Just a simple underpass onto the back string. Ends in a clean trapeze.