Would It Not Blow Poeples' Minds?

To preface, I know there is low to no string visibility. This was just me goofing off while writing a script one night with a friend of mine. I was yoyoing while we talked out a plot and came up with a combo and filmed it. It was also REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY hot in my room… So yeah. Would it not blow peoples’ minds?



Hear tha?

My mind was blooown.

My eye are now burning, not that’s not awesome…

Ok for serious now, those were some fun looking tricks, and you made me laugh, so yes that would in fact blow peoples minds!

Nope, it melted my mind to a pile of awing mush.

Dude Zack, I bow to you :o

My mind made like Hiroshima, :o :o :o :o lol or i’m just easily impressed today. ::slight_smile:

that was great. IT WOULD BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS. :o

Holy… poop? Ok…

Anyway great vid!

eva thought about competing ??? ??? ;D ;D

Ha! Victory flex! Thats an album title if ever I heard one.

Very excellent.

I did compete once. I sucked. XD

I’m sorry but in a sport/hobby mostly made op of males, you should keep the shirt on!

Fun tricks though.

Can’t see string…
sorry, this wasted my time.

He told you that at the beggening.

You wasted more time typing that rather rude remark. Congrats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ordinarily I would but it was like a bazillion degrees in my room. I just couldn’t put one on without sweating, and my fingers got sticky from the sweat making it impossible to do any other way! XD

well, i don’t think expressing my views are a waste at all, watching some shirtless guy do tricks i cant even really see?
With a title like that you would think this video would be a little more interesting, some of the whip tricks looked cool, but i could only see your hand…

I’m sure there are many people who can agree they did not watch more than half of this video.
I did not mean to offend you in anyway, hopefully you make a video which is viewable.

I watched all of it. I enjoyed every second. Especially the victory flex!

Try watching one of my 32 other yoyo vids. All of which have pretty good reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously this vid is awesome… I can see the string. ALWAYS. it would blow people minds XD