World Series picks


I say cubs in 5 games


Cubbies in 6

(yoyobro!) #3

I never make predictions…but since it’s for the cubs…win in 4!


It’s going to end on Saturday or Sunday, Cubs win.

I may just be down in Wrigley one of those nights too ;D


actually watching the game or outside the stadium?


Trying to find tickets right now, heading into Chicago Thursday to check on tickets. Worst case I’ll be at the Cubby Bear or some other fine establishment next to the field.

(Amplified) #7

Cubs blow a 3-1 lead.

(yoyobro!) #8

I’m jealous…be safe if they win haha. It will be absolutely crazy down there!


Looks like nobody here saw the outcome of game 1 coming. :wink:


I knew Kluber wasn’t to be taken lightly, figured the Cubs would do a little better than that. But I also thought that they’d split Cleveland, so 1 down is ok in my book. Just as long as tonight goes as it should ;D

(yoyobro!) #11

Yeah hopefully! Not sure if this has been verified but the announcers said that he would be pitching game 4 and 7 if we go that far…


''Tis the year for Cleveland… I say Indians, 4-1


thought that was lester, but i guess i was wrong

(yoyobro!) #14

Maybe it was lester, I could certainly be wrong


I heard that Kluber would be pitching in game 4 also. It could actually be a really good thing.

Cubs saw Kluber twice in the regular season, only getting 2 hits and 3 runs the first game, but then 6 hits with 5 runs 10 days later when they saw him again. That was really early in the season too, March.

They’re seeing him again only 3 days later, with 3 days of rest for Kluber. Cubs got him to 50+ pitches by the 3rd inning, so they all had good looks at him. I’m thinking game 4 will be better for the Cubs against him, sort of the same as it was against Bumgarner in the series against SF.

(yoyobro!) #16

I can see that logic, also Schwaerber is back and on fire if they play him (forgive me if I spelled his name wrong)


I’ve got the Cubs in 6.

It will be hard for Cleveland to beat Chicago at home, this year especially.

(Amplified) #18

Well I was wrong. Cubs can’t blow a 3-1 lead now.


I’m getting closer…

(yoyobro!) #20

Yeah, I am hoping that Amplified got it backwards at this point, last night was not what I was expecting…