Words That Should be Words!!!

Have you ever used a word and someone told you that’s not a real word? Well now is the time to use it.
1.) The word (ex. newto)
2.) The the definition (ex. A noun that is both smart and cool at the same time)
3.) Example in a sentence (“That girl Kristy, she is so newto”)

Have Fun!

Can it also be a phrase?

Sure that’s fine!

The number that comes after three (One, two, three, shwink, four… Thirteen, shwinkteen, fourteen).
I have shwinkteen llamas.



adj: so great that any other word employed would be woefully insufficient, and would serve only to limit the sheer magnitude of the greatness intended as a descriptor.

-made famous by Will Ferrell impersonating James Lipton on SNL’s skit “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

Your performance was simply scrumtrulescent.

Ah dang I had a good one the other day, I just said it to my sister an she was like “That wasn’t a word!” and I said it should be…

I’ll edit this post if it comes back to me

The Game

1. An ever present game that when you think of you lose.
“You just lost the game”
2. Something you just lost

That’s short for Howard Johnsons, a hotel/restaurant chain.

Ok, I didn’t know that.



synonim for foolery,

dude, what the heck?
Idk, bro. They’re just hanafonana

An english word for Backpfeifengesicht,and Handschuhschneeballwerfer. After taking german, these are to of my favorite words.


That’s what you do AFTER eating at HoJo’s!


because when he said “1. The word” I was morally and socially obligated to share :slight_smile: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I tend to type this by mistake but


A conjunction of “with” and “the”

Flibbert, use it ten times a day!

Duh Doy
Example-That answer was 42. Duh Doy!

I think we should change the plural for moose. Right now it’s moose. I think we should chance it too meese. Because the plural for goose is geese and that will just make it much easier. I also believe that we should change the spelling for weird. I before e except after c.