Wooden yoyo wide gap

(Spinworthy Glen) #1

Does anyone here feel they need a wide gap on their wooden fixed axle yoyos, say around 3mm?

Personally, I prefer a thinner gap, even as thin as just over 2mm. I just find that while a larger gap allows for a more string wraps without the yoyo shooting back, it just doesnt have aggressive enough response.

What are your thoughts?


i use type 14 cotton on most of my fixies and i mostly like wider gaps like the OUT hipster is one of my fav fixed axles on my no jive i use type ten though


I prefer a thin gap as well. I have one O.U.T. throw that has a wide gap and requires excessive string tension to get enough response which makes it more or less unplayable.

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I’m currently experimenting a little to get the best of both worlds. I’m aiming for around a 3mm gap that provides reliable response with neutral string tension.

However, the need to manage string tension to get the right level of response is quite normal for fixed axle yoyoing, I’m just seeing what tweaking I can do to improve neutral tension response yet allowing tight binds and powerful regeneration.


I prefer a thin gap but I do have a problem maintaining string tension and I would appreciate any pointers.


I don’t have it anymore, may revisit it again, but I was doing some with wider gaps and made a response groove, that was filled with silicone. It took care of the response issue.

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Do you throw sidewinders to remove tension?


I have worked at throwing a sidewinder but I can not get it right and it just drops.