Wisteria by Damian Puckett! - Mono-Metal Version of his iconic Wisteria Model!

Damian Puckett is a master in the yo-yo design world, known for creating some of our favorite yo-yos and collaborating on incredible projects.

Red-Yellow-Acid-Wisteria Red-Yellow-Acid-Wisteria-02 Red-Yellow-Acid-Wisteria-03

One standout is his iconic Wisteria yo-yo, which has been crafted in various forms like bimetal, titanium, and even TISS. This Mono-Metal version, made from 7068 aluminum, stays true to Damian’s passion for full-sized yo-yos with a 58mm diameter. The large diameter and weight distribution provide an impressive amount of power for a monometal yo-yo.


stoked on this one!! Damian don’t miss!

Specs currently say 55mm diameter(?) @YoYoExpertEric

Good catch! - Should be updated now! :slight_smile:

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