Wishlists dead?


The Wishlist feature is something I used a lot in the previous version of this website. But since the new version went live, Wishlist has been very flakey. Now it just doesn’t work.

After logging in, I’ve tried accessing Wishlist from my smartphone, and both Mac and Windows desktops. I can add to a Wishlist from most product pages; that seems to work fine. But I can’t view the list after that. Is it user error or is the feature broken?




Mine stopped working a while ago


(André Boulay) #4

Rolling out a new version soon to replace the current one! Thanks for your patience!

(Mark) #5

I tried to add a few items this past weekend, all attempts returned a 502-server error. I wish it worked too!


Sorry! We’re working on another big site update, wishlists will be broken for the time being.

(Carson Reid) #7

any updates on the new update? really would love the wishlists to work, otherwise i have to use notepad to keep track of the things i want!


We’ll have an update soon on the update that will be going into place soon. As to the wishlists for now - They dead.